With water on one side and the untamed forests on the other, the region of Ucluelet has tapped all these to its advantage. Eco-tourism is extremely popular here, and one can become a part of the wild and experience it all in its raw beauty. With a wide variety of things to do here, a few activities that tourists usually head for are listed below.

Whale watching

Stunning views of these magnificent creatures is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. Many local tour operators are present in the region and can plan a trip for you. The best season for this is from March to October. However the best time to visit for this is during March, when the Whalefest takes place. This time period sees thousands of whales following the phase of annual migration. From the Baja peninsula, these whales make a trip to the Bering sea in Alaska.

Water based activities

With beautiful shores, there are many water based activities the region offers to tourists. From surfing to kayaking, paddle-boarding is available too. With the region having a booming business in fishing charters, tourists can also opt for a trip to experience this. Local charter companies in the region would be more than happy to take visitors aboard their ships, and one can watch the fishing of pink salmon, sockeye, coho and other fishes. Fishing licenses can also be applied for, to enable the complete experience.

History, art and culture

With a rich cultural past, tourists can also take a trip back in time at the Ucluelet. Visit the various art galleries and also see the work of the local artists. Works of the First Nation artists, sculptors and weavers can be seen as well.