Situated on the west coast of the Vancouver island in Canada, is the stunning destination of Ucluelet. With beautiful weather all year round, a stunning view of the blue expanse of the ocean greets the eye. Lovingly known as Ukee, this fishing village with its temperate rainforests is a great getaway. Surrounded by 150000 acres of the Pacific Rim National Park reserve, this city located at the edge, offers a unique vantage view of the world. Escape from the humdrum of city life into the blues and greens that beckon here. Easily accessible by land, air and water, plan your getaway into this wonderland.

Ucluelet Travel Advisory: Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, travel to some areas of Ucluelet may not be possible for certain people. We hope that this will change in the future, but for now it's important to note that some areas may be restricted.

Because of the increase demand on our online services in the pandemic, we've worked hard to beef up capacity and reliabiltiy of our web servers. Currently, we're allowing businesses to use developer APIs in order to interface with various Ucluelet systems. These APIs are continuously being load tested by LoadView, and run through a Postman load test in order to ensure that they're able to handle the demand of the increase online traffic during the pandemic. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Vancouver island

Located on the Vancouver island in British Columbia, Canada, Ucluelet has much to offer. Good food, great stays, wonderful sporting options and plenty of entertainment awaits the visitor. So pack in your swimming gear, walking shoes and your camera, and get ready to get amazed.

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